Exodus - New Reno Wanders

Overseer Log 06-26

Nameless and Betty Joe were referred by Walker to meet with J. Bubber owner of the restaurant called Lizards Last Meal famous for its ‘gourmet’ root beer.
They are joined up with River , Teshia , Shade and Steven to take two 55 gallon drums of Root Beer to Junk Yard Man in Sacramento 140 miles from New Reno.

The first day they traveled 24 miles over dry hilly land over an old highway.

The second day they met the Black Mamba a road gang that is controlling this part of the highway, they ask for a toll and Teshia negations them a reduced fair and have one of them fallow them along the highway.


Overseer Log 06-12

Nameless and Betty Joe meet with an old trader named Walker. He sit them down and talks about finding a old house with a bunker just forty miles from Reno. Walker ask them to take a look and see if their is still anything of value over their. They agree and head out the next day, they spend two days traveling north to the site. Once their they find an some old farm houses and a barn. As they start investigating they stumble on to a house cleaning robot that identifies them as intruders. They run around avoiding the robot and eventual Betty finds the robots docking station and programs it to shut down. Nameless and Betty start to loot; As they are looting wolfs come and force them to hid on the roof till they left. after looting the head back to New Reno. During the second day traveling back they encounter a boar that knocks them both unconscious, With a little karma they both live and make it back to Reno and sell their goods to Old Man Walker

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